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Ti Mountain, makers of the Kul Lite cooling vest is pleased to announce the opening of our 2014 sponsorship program. To be a part of the Kul Lite Racing team, both current and new riders will need to submit an up to date resume directly to our headquarters. Resumes can be submitted by email only.

Resumes can be emailed to:


Ti Mountain is now accepting resumes for the 2014 summer racing season. Both current and new riders must submit a resume each year. Resumes will be accepted from March 1st through June 30th, 2014. Ti Mountain will only be taking resumes by Email. Ti Mountain WILL NOT ACCEPT RESUMES BY ANY SPONSORSHIP WEBSITE.

What to include in a resume:

By sending a resume in to Ti Mountain, you are showing interest in representing Ti Mountain. Keep this in mind in everything you do on and off the track. That includes the quality of your resume.

1. One of the most important things your resume should have is your name, contact information, phone number and address clearly visible somewhere on your resume.
2. A brief bio of yourself is a good start. This could include things such as;
A little background info on yourself, your age, and the class and races you plan on racing in the UPCOMING season.
3. Your Current Report card (if you are still in School). This is not mandatory, but can be beneficial. Education is very important and we like to see that you are excelling in school as well as on the track.
4. Current results and career highlights. Your previous year’s results and any championships or highlights should be included. HIGHLIGHTS, not every race.
5. Pictures are good to include, but not to many. 1 to 4 pictures is sufficient. Action shots are great, a head shot, and possibly a picture of your pit area. DO NOT SEND VIDEOS, we don’t want to kill our email system.