Ti Mountain
Home of the Kul Lite cooling vest


As long as the ground is not frozen, the motocross tracks are open. We race in all kinds of weather; hot, cold, wet and dry.

There are plenty of things to wear when it is cold out.

When it's wet you have tear offs.

Dry is just a clogged air filter.

But hot is just hot. Heat stroke is always a big problem in motocross. There was nothing out there to help motocrossers in the heat, until now.

Kul Lite Rider cooling vest
The Kul Lite Rider cooling vest drops your skin temperature by 10 to 15 degrees while you race. It cools your entire chest, back, and stomach area to keep your internal organs cool. When your body core is cooled off, your concentration is better, your decisions are better, your performance is better.