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MSU has 25 National TitlesTi Mountain Partners With 25-Time Collegiate Cycling Champions at Midwestern State University in 2010

Overland Park, KS and Wichita Falls, Texas, January 1, 2011 -- Ti Mountain, Inc. is proud to announce a partnership with the 25-Time Collegiate Cycling Champions at Midwestern State University to help them with their 2010-2011 season. Beginning in 2010, Midwestern State University Cycling Team started competing with the Kul Lite Rider cooling vest.

The Midwestern State University Mustangs have won the overall-season conference title in 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2010. This tradition of excellence is amazing. Even though MSU is a Division 2 size University, the Mustangs compete in Division 1 at USA Cycling Collegiate events.

“The quality of the MSU Mustang Cycling team is astonishing. The level of dedication and performance of the team is unmatched. These athletes push themselves and their equipment to the limit – and beyond” said Steve Gallaher, Sales Director for Ti Mountain. “We knew we found the right team to push our products to the limit.”

Ti Mountain developed the Kul Lite Rider cooling vest that cools the riders while racing. The Kul Lite Rider cooling vest keeps your skin up to 15 degrees cooler. The thin vest fits under their jersey and cools the racers to allow them to push harder.

The MSU Mustang Cycling coach Julie Carter says, “our team has already put the Kul Lite vest to the test, and we’re so thrilled with the results of the Kul Lite vest.  It is perfect for training rides on hot summer days, racing in the heat, and lounging at the velodrome between track races.”

Midwestern State University is a leading public liberal arts university committed to providing students with rigorous undergraduate and graduate education in the liberal arts and the professions. Through an emphasis upon teaching, augmented by the opportunity for students to engage in research and creative activities alongside faculty and to participate in co-curricular and service programs, Midwestern State prepares its graduates to embark upon their careers or pursue advanced study. Visit the Mustang’s Cycling web site at