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Kul Lite: Directions


Your Kul Lite Rider and/or Runner cooling vest is activated with water. You will want to:

1 - Soak the vest in water for 15 to 45 minutes. We usually put the vest in a gallon zip-tight bag with water at home before driving to the location.

          For Runner models, and cool mornings, you can use warm/hot water.

          On average warm days, you can use room temperature water.

          On extremely hot days, you can use cool water.

2 - Lightly squeeze out excess water.

3 - Put the vest against your body and zip.

4 – Adjust the side strap slightly loose.

5 - Place a breathable outer shirt over the vest. 

For indoors, use warm/hot water. The vest will not shock the body, it will start evaporation and cool to ideal temperature within a few minutes.

On hot days, you can use room temperature or cool water. It will be a bit of a shock, but the vest will adjust to the ideal temperature in a few minutes.

Be sure to hand wash and AIR DRY your Kul Lite after every use.  For faster drying time, hang your Kul Lite inside out.