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Kul Lite Runner

We did it! We cracked the code!


Kul Lite RunnerWe finally figured out how to cool a running athlete in the heat. Not just for a few minutes, but for the whole race/event/game. No more running with that hair dryer heat melting you. Running with a wicking shirt does not change the temp on your core, no matter how much air flow it has.

The Kul Lite Runner is for all athletes on foot.

·         Running/Jogging

·         Football

·         Soccer

·         Basketball

·         Hockey

·         Other Running Sports

The Kul Lite Runner is made for athletes that push the limits. You give 110% the whole time, never holding back. You know that extra push/yard/pass/goal is the difference between winning and losing. You can feel your competition letting up and know that's when to strike.

If you play your sport right, then...

·         Running is about pushing a little harder each time.

·         Football is wide receivers one step ahead of the defense.

·         Soccer is sprinting to get the ball, the whole game.

·         Basketball is a sprint from one end of the court to the other, and back again.

·         Hockey is on the ice, but it’s still a sprint from one end of the rink to the other and back again.

When you heat up, you start to slow down and lose concentration.

The Kul Lite Runner cooling vest…

·         Increases performance

·         Cools you while you are in the game

·         Is a Light thin base layer

Performance is enhanced by increased concentration and motivation. When you are hot, your instincts kick in and you focus on cooling down. Concentration and motivation starts to focus on cooling off any way possible.

When your core is cool, your brain can concentrate on the job at hand. When your concentration is up, your focus is razor sharp.

You wear the Kul Lite Runner cooling vest while you are playing the game, not on the bench. The patent-pending design pulls the heat from your body and maintains a constant cool temperature throughout the game.

The Kul Lite Runner fits under your current jersey. The vest is less than ¼ inch thick and weighs the same as a water bottle.

The Kul Lite Runner cooling vest will help you cool down throughout the entire game. The increased concentration will help you make better decisions and help you find that extra 10%.

Get your Kul Lite Runner today.