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Kul Lite RiderKul Lite’s patent pending technology alternates thin cool water absorbing strips with air flow to allow continuous cycle of evaporation. The Kul Lite Rider cooling vest consists of strips of water absorbing gel material and strips of outer shell air flow material.

When the cool strips contact the body, they absorb your heat using conduction. Water absorbs heat 24 times better than air. This now slightly warmer strip then swings away from the body from the motion of the exercise. When away from the body less than half an inch, the airflow then does an evaporation heat exchange and cools the strip. The cool strip then again comes into contact with the body and pulls heat again from the body. This cycle then repeats itself. 

The outer shell air flow material doubles as a second layer of evaporation. This material also wicks a thin layer of moisture from the gel and evenly spreads it out across the air flow section of the vest. This section of the vest directly exchanges heat by evaporation.

As you use the vest, you will notice that you cannot tell if it is hot or cold. The vest will obtain a state of thermal equilibrium. At this point, your body and mind do not pay attention to temperature and you continue your exercise. At the end of the workout you are not sure what temperature it is outside, until you notice your core is cooler than your arms.

The gel slowly releases the water depending on your sport (Cycling - 1 Hour, Motocross - 45 mins). If longer cooling time is needed, either place in water again, or squirt water on vest as needed. The cool strips are covered with moisture wicking material that pulls the water out of the gel to stay slightly moist, not soaking wet. 

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