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Each sport is different, so we developed Kul Lite cooling vests for Running speed sports (Kul Lite Runner) and wheeled speed sports (Kul Lite Rider).  Both help athletes increase performance by cooling their core while they compete.

Kul Lite’s patent-pending technology alternates thin cool water-absorbing strips with air flow to allow continuous cycle of evaporation. The Kul Lite cooling vest consists of strips of water-absorbing gel material and strips of outer shell air flow material.

When the cool strips contact the body, they absorb your heat using conduction. Water absorbs heat 24 times better than air. This now slightly-warmer strip has the correct amount of airflow to do an evaporation heat exchange and cool the strip.

The outer shell air flow material doubles as a second layer of evaporation. This material also wicks a thin layer of moisture from the gel and evenly spreads it out across the air flow section of the vest. This section of the vest directly exchanges heat by evaporation.

The real trick is releasing the water at the perfect rate to allow evaporation throughout the event. Different speed sports require different gels, materials and air flow spacing. Our naming convention represents the wind speed difference between running and riding sports.

The Kul Lite Runner cooling vest works best from 15 min mile (4 MPH) up to around 5 min mile (12 MPH).

The Kul Lite Rider cooling vest works best from 12 MPH to 30 MPH.

Runners that run faster than 5 min mile may need to go to the Kul Lite Rider cooling vest for best results. Please let us know if you are in the category, we can help you out.

Mountain bike riders on technical terrain may need to go to the Kul Lite Runner cooling vest for best results.

The gel slowly releases the water depending on your vest and sport. How long will it last?

Kul Lite Rider:

Cycling - 1 Hour

Motocross – 30-45 mins,

Kul Lite Runner:

Running - no limit found yet

Soccer – no limit found yet

If longer cooling time is needed, either place in water again, or squirt water on vest as needed. The cool strips are covered with moisture-wicking material that pulls the water out of the gel to stay slightly moist, not soaking wet. 

Get your Kul Lite Rider or Runner today.