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Cyclists Benefit from Cooler Core TemperaturesHeat exhaustion is a common problem at cycling races. Most race coordinators have the IVs ready for those that overextend themselves in the heat. Let's face it, most of us have pushed ourselves to that limit but did not admit it. Those after-work training rides can easily turn into 5 day recoveries from the affects of heat. It is time to cool our bodies off during the ride.

The Kul Lite Rider cooling vest has been in use for three seasons. Riders that have heart rate issues, overheating issues, or just want the extra performance have been benefiting from the 10 to 15 degree temperature decrease.

Air does not do a good job of cooling, it is an insulator. Just think, there are no high performance air cooled engines any more. The Kul Lite Rider cooling vest uses water to cool your body while you ride. It is not just that squirt of water that runs down your back into your chamois. The Kul Lite Rider holds the water and releases it at the correct rate to keep the vest moist, but not soaking wet.

The Kul Lite Rider cooling vest has been used from Houston to Phoenix. Our Phoenix pro is quoted on our home page, but one of our Houston customers has another story. He called us wanting a guarantee that it would work in the humid conditions of the gulf coast. We knew it would work, we had a money back guarantee. He called back the next week to tell us how great it worked.

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