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Isn’t spring great? It warms up and you can now go outside to exercise. You can see things while you are running or riding. Then a few months later, it gets too hot. Next thing you know you are back in the gym because it is too hot outside.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could extend that spring weather right through the middle of summer?

With the Kul Lite Rider and Kul Lite Runner cooling vests, you can cool off that heat and enjoy the summer.

The Kul Lite cooling vest…..

   1. Cools you while you Ride or Run
   2. Is a Light thin base layer
   3. Is 15º cooler than the outside temperature
   4. Increases concentration

Use the 15º to ride/run faster, lower your heart rate, or recover quicker. It is your decision.

What can the Kul Lite cooling vest do for me?

   1. The Kul Lite cooling vest fits under your favorite jersey or shirt.
   2. It is less than ¼ inch thick and weighs the same as a water bottle.
   3. The Kul Lite cooling vest has been in use for two years in the dry desert of Phoenix and the sticky heat of Houston. It works in all climates.
   4. A cooler core allows the body to focus on the task at hand.

When you first put on the Kul Lite cooling vest, you will get chills. The vest uses water to directly pull heat away from your body.

The best way to describe this is to jump in a pool that is 15 degrees cooler than the outside. It will bring your skin down quickly because
water absorbs heat 25 times faster than air

You will soon get accustomed to the new temperature as your body reaches a state of thermal equilibrium.

What do the road cyclists think about the Kul Lite Rider?

Jesse Kuettel from Team Taser/Kenda wrote “Well I had some skepticism of how well the Kul Lite vest would work before today but now I think it is something that every Arizona cyclist should own. I left for a ride at 4 PM today with the temperature at about 98 degrees. Now this may seem stupid to most people, but I think it is possible now with the vest. I actually felt good on the bike and decided to extend my ride by an extra hour because I wasn't feeling the fatigue I would expect with riding this time of year. I just gave myself a quick squirt of water to the vest every hour and I was very comfortable in this extremely hot weather. This vest is very comfortable, you really aren't bothered by it at all. I wish I had this years ago so I can ride year round in Arizona.”

When the cycling coach at Midwestern State University (
#1 men and #1 women in D1 college cycling finals 2010) found out about the Kul Lite, she couldn’t wait to get her top team cooled off. Our official announcement won’t be until January, but they started using the Kul Lite late this summer. Coach Julie Carter’s team no longer has to train in the dark to avoid the heat, they can now train any time of the day. MSU’s cycling team web site is www.msucyclingteam.com

What do the motocrossers think about the Kul Lite Rider?

The Kul Lite Rider cooling vest started life for motocross. Two years of testing different technologies lead us to the light simple effective design. We are in our 3rd year of production with the Kul Lite Rider and have many happy customers.

Dirt Bike Magazine tested the Kul Lite cooling vest. Dirt Bike said “… temps were 102 degrees in the shade. Putting the vest on actually made us shiver, they felt so cold. They are thin and fit under a jersey nicely.” and their short answer is “…we like the Kul Lite for motocross…”

We do have pros using the Kul Lite Rider. Ben Evans uses the Kul Lite Rider cooling vest. He says that Kul Lite “gives me that extra couple laps.” We have some top 5 racers using the Kul Lite Rider, but we never set up an “official” sponsorship with them.

What do runners think of the Kul Lite Runner?

We just launched the Kul Lite Runner cooling vest this summer. It changes the hot hair dryer while running to a cool breeze. It is the difference between heat exhaustion and enjoying summer running again.

For a limited time, we will guarantee the Kul Lite Runner cooling vest will help you by cooling your core while you run. That is a 100% money back guarantee!!

It's time for you to enjoy the summer again. Get your Kul Lite cooling vest now at our secure shopping page.